Ansell Skyn Lubricant Review 

I wrote to Ansell recently requesting samples of their products to review. They sent me 3 types of their lubricant. The first one I am going to review is Ansell Skyn Lubricant, which so far is my favorite.  

Ansell Skyn Lubricant has the tagline ‘feel everything,’ on the slick black bottle, which also claims to have a natural feel and is ‘gently moisturized with Aloe.’ The claims do not lie, I can honestly say that for a budget price tag this is more like a premium product. It does help accentuate feeling down there, as a good lube should. 

All in all it works really well and the squirt bottle makes it easy to use one-handed which can be helpful in certain, um, situations. 

I was amazed that it was water based and not silicone as the consistency is so thick and the lubricant is long-lasting, not needing to be topped up nearly as often as most water based lubes. Ansell brand is best known for their high quality, reliable condoms. Like some silicone lubricants it can sometimes leave a bit of sticky residue which being water based can easily be washed off, so that’s not much of a downside considering the price point and how effective it is as a lube. 

The Skyn range includes condoms which I may have to try to do a review for in the future. Being water based Skyn lubricant is perfect for use with condoms and/or sex toys, because it won’t interfere with the rubber material or break it down, meaning you can have fun safely. 

I will be buying this lubricant again in the future as its price point is fantastic especially for the quality. For a supermarket lubricant it works surprisingly well. 

This one gets the thumbs up from me. I expect quality from Ansell but I honestly didn’t expect this lube to be as good as it is. It’s one of the best water based lubricants I’ve ever tried. I am honestly impressed.