iWand Personal Massager Review

Purple iWand Massager with power cord.
Purple iWand Massager with power cord.
iWand with Power Cord

iWand Enhanced Rechargeable Massager Review

I was really excited to get a wand, finally even though the iWand is more like a generic wand than a well known brand. I’ve wanted one for awhile after hearing all the hype about how great they are. When I first tried out my new iWand, I was a bit deflated. Having expected to get instant mind blowing orgasm when I didn’t the first time it was a let down. After giving it a real go, playing with it several more times, I was willing to give it another chance thinking maybe it wasn’t all bad.

You can see my review of a smaller personal massager here


The iWand is a big toy, the biggest I’ve used so far which felt a bit odd to start with then it became a bit of a novelty. Once I really got used to it I found the size to be a plus, enabling the vibration to stimulate a wider area. With lube the rounded head made of soft silicone slides around to wherever you want to feel it.


The iWand has 10 speeds or more accurately modes with different pulsations and two levels of constant vibration.

It’s made of 100% silicone and phthalate free which is a plus because it’s made from body safe materials, unfortunately not all toys are. Another feature I like about it is that it’s waterproof which is becoming pretty standard in rechargeable sex toys. Not only can you have fun in the shower or bath but it makes for easier cleaning.

Price and warranty

It also comes with a 1 year warranty which is good for any electrical product, especially sex toys which can set you back a bit financially. The iWand isn’t overly expensive mine was bought on clearance so it was cheap. I just had a look and they’re selling for anywhere between $25 and $80aud, a bargain really.Massage I found it worked well for massaging my lower back and other areas which hold tension. It was fun to play with, with my partner which we did a couple of times. The size is a real novelty factor which took a bit of getting used to.

This morning I had a back ache and used it before I had to go out, it got rid of the pain in no time.

Using the iWand

I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite toy but I’m glad I tried it out. After getting used to the size and how it works and feels, I was able to reach orgasm which I can’t always and don’t with all toys, so that’s a major positive. It does actually do what I purchased it to for.

I’m glad I have had an introduction into the world of wand vibrators and look forward to getting my hands on a quality brand wand one day so I can experience a more intense vibration and have more control over how strong the vibration is as most have more than two levels of strength. I love that its pink, it also comes in purple, both my favorite colors.

The price wasn’t too bad but I kind of wish I had saved up for a more well known brand of wand and probably a corded one for power. The cordless design gives you some freedom and flexibility but the power output isn’t the same when it’s not plugged into mains power.


It charges quite quickly, with 3 hours of charging giving you 3 hours of battehysicalry usage. I wish it could be used while it’s plugged in to mains power but it doesn’t allow for that so when it’s charging you just have to wait. My first impression of it is that it’s more of a novelty toy than a real wand vibrator. I guess I should have known it wouldn’t have the grunt of a mains power, plug in type wand.

Being rechargeable is a bonus most of the time but sometimes it doesn’t provide the power you need for the job, with a wand you really want that kind of intensity.

My overall final impression

The iWand makes for a novelty toy or good beginners wand so you can give one a try on a low budget.mI suggest thinking about saving the money and putting it towards a newer wand manufactured by a reputable well known company, many will come with a warranty so it’s worth some consideration.

The oomph of the vibration might be enough for some people or like for me it was enough sometimes. I would’ve liked to have more control over the level of vibration. It did do the job in the end so I can’t complain entirely. It’s not a terrible toy, but as I said earlier more of a novelty item.

For now, I am still awaiting the day I reward myself with a wand that is reputable and runs on mains power. Until then I’ll play with my iWand when the feeling takes me.

(Update: I got a Lovehoney Wand so I’ll be doing a review on that soon!)

Magic Touch Rapture Personal Massage Review


Magic Touch Rapture

Awhile ago I purchased a Magic Touch Rapture so I figured I’d do a review here. It’s a great toy for under $50AUD. It’s a rechargeable personal vibrating personal massager which can be used on all parts of the body externally, including for sexual stimulation for both men and women.

It’s a great option for those looking to buy a toy on a budget that can be used easily by couples. They come in two colours, pink and purple (both favourites of mine,) my Rapture is a beautiful bright purple which I love, I don’t feel like it has to be hidden away like some other toys.

One thing I really like about it other than the cool colours is the shape, which is a perfect fit for the pelvic are either to massage the clitoris or the perineum or all around that area, it can be used for penetration either vaginal or anal if you want to use it like that. The look of it doesn’t automatically make one think that it’s a sex toy which can be great if you have kids that want to snoop around your bedroom.

Vibration wise its not super strong but strong enough you can even get stimulation through your underwear or clothes which is great, it’s not super jet powered but it is about what you’d expect for the size and price. The shape of it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for easy use and manoeuvrability. There is 7 different modes settings which change the level of vibration and the rhythm.

I am a big fan of rechargeable toys as anyone who reads my blog will know, so that’s another bonus for this massager. Given the intensity of it, the battery life lasts quite awhile. At least up to several hours. Long enough for most people to reach climax although if you’re like me and it can take days you’d want to make sure you have it charged and ready for use by plugging it in after each use.

Being made from body safe material is important, the Rapture is made of medical grade silicone. It’s perfect for couples as well as solo play. It’s really rather quiet too which is always a bonus for me, I haven’t yet tested the noise levels but in a normal house it’s unlikely anyone in another room would be able to hear it and if they could and do come in it looks like a massager so you don’t have to feel embarrassed about it, you can say you were giving your shoulders a rub.

Magic Touch is quickly becoming a favourite brand of mine for innovative cost-effective toys that anyone can afford. I found this toy fun to play with and a bit of a novelty. I especially like using it with my partner during sex as it fits perfectly between us without getting in the way too much.

I wasn’t able to climax with the toy alone but I am extremely difficult to please and find it really hard to have an orgasm. It did help make sex more enjoyable which for me is about all I usually expect, i a toy can make me cum that makes it really special. Most people I’d imagine would find the vibration from this toy strong enough.


  • Cost, cheap
  • Colors are great
  • Rechargeable
  • Made from body safe silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Relatively quiet
  • Shaped inconspicuously
  • 7 modes
  • Shape again because it fits so well around the pelvic region and down to the perineum.


  • Vibration is strong but not overly intense
  • I’m not sure how long the lifespan of the product would be I have had it for 6 months and it’s still going strong
  • Won’t suit everyone for penetration

Magic Touch Sensor Bullet Review

I bought myself a Sensor Bullet the other day after being shown the touch function in the shop. I straight away wanted to try it out at home and decided I had to get it. I and was surprised at how powerful the little vibrator is. One of the first things I was impressed with when I opened the packaging was it comes with its own velvet drawstring bag for safe storage.

Magic Touch Sensor Bullet, Charger and Storage Bag

The really unique thing about this little toy is that is has a touch more which operates on touch and heat sensors, meaning it only vibrates when it’s making contact with your skin. I did notice that once it heated up a bit it took longer to turn off, I’m guessing that’s due to the heat sensors. I had fun just playing with it touching it to see the vibration turn on and off to begin with. But still this mode is perfect for if someone comes to visit while you’re in the middle of playing. It turns right off as soon as you stop. I’ve never had a toy like this one. It’s perfect travel size to fit in your handbag.

I love rechargeable vibrators, them not needing batteries is always a big plus. The worst thing to happen in the middle of a session is for the batteries to run out, especially when you have none at home. The Magic Touch takes around 3 hours to charge and gives you around 2 hours play time depending on the setting you’re using. Once it’s charged you can clean it and put it back away in its drawstring bag.

It also has a normal hand operated mode where you can control the settings and it stays on. You turn this on by holding the on/off button for 1.5seconds.

There’s a total of 10 different speeds and rhythm controls to experiment with, ranging in intensity of vibration and style of vibration meaning so there is something to suit everyone.

It’s really quiet too so nobody in the next room will know what you are up to when you’re using it and if they happen to interrupt you, the touch mode will save the day by turning off the moment you stop.

The toy is also “Shower Safe,” meaning it can’t be fully submersed in water but it can handle a bit of a splash which is also great for washing it and keeping it clean.

It’s made out of “high grade smooth silicone,” which is smooth to touch, the toy itself being a bullet is hard so it’s not flexible but it’s only small so this isn’t much of a drawback.

I love all things pink and purple so I’m in love with the colour of this little beauty. I think it will be one of my main go to toys from now on. With so many new toys coming out it can be hard to choose one and if you have a tight budget it’s even harder but this is one toy that won’t break the bank.

The smooth point is perfect for targeting the areas that you’d want the most stimulation it’s the right size to reach the g-spot on the right angle. It’s probably not the best toy for internal use and definitely not for anal play, only for playing around the entrance as it doesn’t have a flared base it can be dangerous. I will cover that in another post later.

All things considered this is a great little toy, a big improvement on a regular style bullet and is the perfect size to use with your partner.

For people on a budget this toy is a must have. For under $50 you get hours of enjoyment. I think it’s a great little investment.

Magic Touch Sensor Bullet

RisqueViews Satisfyer Pro 2 Review 

My first reaction when I saw the Satisfyer Pro 2 was, “what on earth do you do with that!?” It looks like some type of space age gizmo which you could say it kind of is. It’s unlike any other toy I have ever owned or even seen.

It hasn’t got a dildo or any part because it’s not intended for internal use. It doesn’t even have rabbit ear type tickler parts because the whole way the machine works is completely different to most sex toys.
I’ve heard the term non-contact vibrator used in another review of the Satisfyer Pro 2, which is partly true because the part it’s stimulating doesn’t get touched. It has removable, replaceable rubber ring type “nibs,” that are the part that makes contact with your skin. You sit the ring around the clitoris, that’s where the magic happens.
The way the machine works is with a suction function, this is one of the things that make it so unique.

While there is a suction part to the way it works the Satisfyer also vibrates and pulsates, that’s the best way I can explain it.

There’s 11 different modes which adjust the intensity and levels of pulsating vibrations and suction which occur all at once. The different settings range in intensity from a very light humming and slight suction to full blown buzzing and suckling modes. The rhythm of the pulsing also changes with the different level settings.

This toy is state of the art and a new innovation in sex toy manufacturing. There’s only one other machine on the market that I’ve hear is similar but I haven’t yet tried myself so I can’t comment.

Honestly, I found it a bit hard to get used to, as I’ve said it’s a unique toy. Once I figured out how to use it properly, I understood how it earned the name Satisfyer. I’ve heard some people find offensive. I think the name perfectly suits the machine.

After spending some time getting acquainted with my new toy I was left going “oh my gawd!” Repeatedly, and my body continued to twitch for a few moments. I felt extremely satisfied.

I suggest doing as I did and experimenting in a private space as it can be quite noisy, play around with settings, trying out different modes. Move it around slightly feeling how different positions may feel and use different levels of pressure pushing down softly and just holding it in place. This should give you a fairly good idea of what works for you.

When I first tried it I was using it with the handle facing towards me, I then read that it can fit nicely between your legs, which is apparently how it’S meant to be positioned. It’s worth trying out different ways as the feeling varies slightly between positions. The sensation varies even more when repostioning or moving the handle around and with different levels of pressure, try them all and you’ll find what works for you.
To begin with especially, experimenting with the Satisfyer Pro 2 was really important to get a feel for it and be able to use the toy to its fullest potential. You might like to try it out with your partner although be warned straight sex makes positioning the toy rather difficult so you might like to try it with other positions or toys for internal stimulation if you find that it’s necessary. I found on some occasions more stimulation was preferable but the Satisfyer alone did the job when I was relaxed and had some alone time to play around with it.

One of the great things about the Satisfyer Pro 2 is that it’s rechargeable so you won’t have to keep on buying batteries. It’s recommended you keep it charged up and clean using a toy cleaner such as “Wicked Cleene,” which you can find a short review for here.  It’s really important to keep your toys clean. Remove the nib and clean it thoroughly not using any harsh cleaners, you can use a cotton bud to get in there and clean out the flange part gently.

All in all I recommend trying out the Satisfyer Pro 2, especially if like me you enjoy clitoral stimulation more than internal. That is one of the reasons I began and continue to use sex toys as I find achieving an orgasm through sex to be pretty close to impossible. Thanks to toys like the Satisfyer Pro 2 I can experience climax whenever I like, allowing me to enjoy sex without stressing about coming to climax because I know I can at any time I like. With a bit of time playing around the Satisfyer Pro 2, I definitely felt satisfied.