Rainbow Luck

Wicked Wednesday

Running inside quickly, the rain running from my hair down onto my face then dropping down my nose. I was saturated and so were my clothes. They clung to me and stuck tight to all my curves, slightly translucent now they were soaked.

My whole body was wet and I felt it with every movement. The water slid between my thighs as I walked and under my arms as I moved. It felt kind of sexy, I had an urge to take my clothes of and go back out into the rain naked to let the rain pour down on my freed skin. Goosebumps started to cover me as it got colder, the hairs on my arms stood up with the chill.

I had to get these clothes off. Peeling back my top it was almost like taking the skin off a banana, I had to slowly pull it away from my wet skin it clung tightly to. Underneath I had no bra on just a singlet top that was completely see through now.

I unbuttoned my favorite blue jeans and tried to release my legs from them, forgetting to take off my shoes first. Hopping around I kicked off my runners one foot at a time with my jeans halfway down, almost falling in the process. I finally kicked off the second shoe and used my feet to help free me from my dripping wet jeans. With only my wet underwear and singlet top on I went to get a towel.

Walking through the sparkling clean kitchen I glanced up to see the sun suddenly shining in the window. The rain had stopped, just like that. I went to have a look for a moment grabbing a paper towel to mop up some of the moisture that covered me. Gazing outside I saw the colors appear from nowhere. As if it had been there the whole time, a rainbow appeared in the sky.

Surrounded by grey clouds the sun cut through and presented me with the most miraculous colors from one end of the landscape to the other. I wondered about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, had anyone ever found it? Maybe the fairies take it with them when the rainbow moves, I thought with a smile. Naughty fairies. Always up to mischief, like cheeky children. I missed being young and free. The moment lasted longer than it felt because I was still standing there as I heard the front door open and my husband come in. His footsteps towards me reminded me that I was half naked and still wet. I almost ran to get some clothes but thought better of it.

I wonder if the rainbow can bring me some luck today, I wondered. “Hey babe, how was work?” He asked as he came into the kitchen. I heard him behind me. “What are you doing, are you OK?” His worried voice coming out now. I turned to him, he looked concerned but he saw the smile in my eyes and came over to me. Putting his arm around my wet top I pointed up to the rainbow. In a moment it was gone again but he got to see it for a few seconds. Then he leaned in to kiss me. The tension between us rose as quickly as the rainbow came and then left.

We were kissing like teenagers, clawing at each others clothes trying to feel the skin underneath and touch every inch of each other. He grabbed me by my shoulders and steered me backwards towards the kitchen bench where he helped me get my butt up onto the table top. There he took hold of my undies, one hand on each side and started to pull them off. I helped a little by lifting my bum eager to see what was next.

Once they were off he went back to kissing me his face had a short layer of prickly stubble and I could smell him, that sexy smell I loved so much of his body mixed with his favorite aftershave. I grabbed his hair and pulled him deeper into the kiss my hands grasping for more of him.

He started to undo his jeans and I felt the warm rush to my groin, readying myself to take all of him. He kissed me while he kicked off his shoes and pants, his underwear were half way down when the hardness pressed into my thigh. I shifted position so it could rub onto me, arousing me into action. “Mmm,” I moaned. I could feel he was ready as I grew moist in anticipation.

He moved his hands down to position himself, getting ready to push inside me. As I felt the pressure of him filling me up his finger started to rub on my clitoris. Slowly he began thrusting in and out rubbing me while we moved together. I let my head go, dropping it behind me and let out a moan. My body moved as he banged himself into me again and again. “I got my luck after all,” I thought to myself.

I felt my nipples, poking against my still damp see through singlet. As he trusted I pinched them, rubbing them before taking off my top. Baring my breasts for him I sat there naked enjoying his body against mine. There on the kitchen bench he fucked me like we were young again. He took his hand away to hold my hips so he could go even harder.

Banging me as he pushed himself in deeper I let out my breath as moans. Sliding my fingers down, I began to rub my clit. Working up the rhythm with him until I couldn’t hold on any longer. I cried out “Oh yes, oh yes, baby yes.” I felt him get bigger inside me.

He sped up and plunged into me harder. I couldn’t hold back, he looked like he could cum so I let myself go. “Mmmm ohh yes, YES!!” I yelled as I really let myself go. I felt him tense and release, then the twitch inside as he filled me up. We hadn’t cum together like that in far too long.

Just because we were getting old didn’t mean we weren’t still sexual beings, human being. He stayed there between my legs for some time and held me, it was all the magic I needed. I silently thanked the fairies and the rainbow for brightening up my world a little.

I kissed my man on the neck, feeling his stubble prickle my lips started to turn me on again. He cupped my breast with one hand and looked like he was contemplating it. Something told me this was going to be the start of a very hot night, just then I heard the pitter patter of rain on the roof again. Yes tonight we can keep each other warm…and young.

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That Spark of Chemistry

Wicked Wednesday

The theme this week is Chemistry

Most of us have felt the kind of attraction that is undeniable. There’s that electricity you feel in the air between you and the person you’re attracted to. You feel a pull of magnetism between the two of you that draws you together. Once you get to the point of being close your bodies come together so naturally. First time sex can feel nervous but mostly it feels so right, like it was meant to be. As if you were made for each other.

Just the smell of the person you’re with is enough to turn you on. Hearing their voice can give you shivers. Butterflies flutter in your stomach in anticipation of seeing them again. You almost feel like a teenager again.

You have to be careful with chemistry, it’s hard to think straight with the hormones going wild. Chemistry can be dangerous especially if you’re in a monogamous relationship, if you don’t want to cheat then keep your distance and your head together. Because when you have it all you can think of is them.

When you’re with them you giggle or play with your hair. Maybe you normally wear tracksuit pants everyday but all of a sudden you want to look good and impress them. Even though they will still want you, in trackies and all if they feel it too. Usually chemistry is felt it is by all of the people involved it’s not just one sided.

It’s palpable, like it’s in the air. Your attraction is often obvious to everyone else and them. When the chemistry takes over your body language gives you away. That’s chemistry.

If you’re lucky enough to have real chemistry with your partner, the sex is amazing. Chemistry can alter your perception and change your views.

One thing I learn is differences, things like social status or age difference no longer matter (so long as you are both mature, grown adults.)

Looks aren’t important anymore or as important. What you find attractive might not be what draws you to someone you share chemistry with, yet you find them good looking no matter what, gorgeous even and sexy for sure. They may not be your type if you even have one but you want them anyway.

I feel lucky to share chemistry with my boyfriend and he is attractive. He’s also quite a lot older than me and I don’t mind at all. We have an amazing sex life, he is attractive. Submission wasn’t my usual style but since I’ve known him I wanted to submit. For him to dominate me. He is good at it and getting better.

The chemistry was noticeable the first night we met. I thought about him afterwards, I even asked mutual friends about him and where he was. The next year after we made contact again, I was so excited.

Often we would sit in his car to talk and the windows would steam up, literally, with us just talking. We both noticed it and laughed probably both thinking the same thing, how much we’d like to be together.

The hormones and chemicals were running wild in my brain and it turns out in his too, between us they were having a party.

The first time we had sex the actual sex wasn’t that good but it felt amazing to me. Anticipation and chemical attraction combined made me feel relieved to finally get close to him. The second time, we found our rhythm and it was amazingly good. For someone who never orgasms when I first met him I had orgasms a lot. Good ones too.

All this time later and even when I don’t have an orgasm I enjoy sex with him. I also care about him and love him so it’s quite lucky I found him and that the reaction in my brain allowed me to overlook our age gap. I didn’t even notice it, I felt like we were equals and apart from him being boss we pretty much are. It’s our anniversary soon, and already we have discussed marriage.

Chemistry can be dangerous in that it can strike at any time with anyone you meet. If you have chemistry with someone that’s returned and you are both free, enjoy it and just go for it. It’s satisfying being with someone where there is chemistry.

When it feels right though it’s a magical feeling. Almost like your souls recognize each other, like finding the one you belong with. When you have a strong connection with them it can feel meant to be.

You just click together. Once you get together your bodies work in sync with each other, they tune in to one another wants and needs. Sex can be euphoric.

Satisfaction can come just from being together and then you might feel even more of a sense of fulfillment. Finding that spark is something special and it’s so good to experience it.

If you haven’t got that person in your life I hope for you that you find someone you share an attraction with so strong it can only be put down to chemistry.

It’s an amazing feeling. Being apart is the hardest thing and it’s scary to think it may not last forever so enjoy it while it does and savour the moment. Revel in each other and bask in the chemical reaction that will release serotonin and other happy making goodness in your brain. That’s what it boils down to, that earth shattering feeling. Enjoy every moment of it.

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Where There’s Life There’s Hope

Where There is Life There is Hope
Where There is Life There is Hope
Where There is Life There is Hope

Wicked Wednesday

Trigger Warning Themes of abuse, suicide and drug use.

My Ex

I wasn’t going to share this story for wicked Wednesday, fearing it’s not wicked enough, but it’s a big part of who I am today and one of the experiences that has shaped me. Last week for Sex Talk Tuesday on twitter I referred to this experience which brought up some stuff for me so maybe it’s the right time to discuss the situation a little more.

I was going to tell a story about an ex I bumped into not long ago and spent the evening with, drinking which hurt my current partner and led me to decide I wouldn’t stay in contact with ex’s any longer. My current boyfriend teases me about how many ex’s I have so I probably could have come up with a different story this one however might give some insight into who I am and what I’ve been through, there’s nothing erotic about it but it has an important message for others out there.

There is one ex though who I will never be able to have contact with again. That’s what I’m going to tell you about today. He is no longer with us and the last time I saw him he split my forehead open, the look on his face as he walked out the door was a mixture of regret, fear and remorse. That look is the last thing I had to remember of him, and the fight that led up to it.

After my ex assaulted me, I left and went into a refuge. I’d tried to break it up many times, but he would always come back so I figured the best way was for me to leave. This was one of the times I tried to break up and that was what led to the assault, he felt rejected and knew that for once it was actually over for me. I couldn’t do it any longer.

We spent about 5 and a half years in an on again off again relationship, he spent most of the time we were together still seeing his ex-girlfriend which was hurtful and caused me a lot of trauma. Looking back I see that if I had cut ties the first time it would have prevented a lot of heartache for everyone. After the assault I left I stayed in refuge for 9 or 10 weeks, it was a tough time. To begin with they move you around a lot and you must be put in areas where you have no connections, so I went through the motions. He kept trying to ring me wanting to get back together.

This wasn’t the first time he’d been violent, but it was one of the worse times, so I had him charged. It took police awhile to find him, I ended up moving home on the same day they located him. He spent a few days on remand and was let out. When he got out he went back to his ex’s who he’d spent most of our relationship seeing behind my back, that was difficult for me to cope with. By this stage I was just glad he seemed to be getting on with his life and leaving me alone. I didn’t know what he had planned though.

A few days later I was contacted by a friend to tell me my ex was dead, he had overdosed. Nobody in his family told me, his ex who was with him when he died didn’t tell me the friend who did give me the news was thrilled to do so, thinking it was something I’d be happy about. Whatever we went through I couldn’t be happy that he was dead. I felt some guilt and even anger as I processed what had happened thinking that maybe he did it to hurt me, if that was the case it’s the ultimate act of domestic violence.

They suspected it was a suicide, after some investigation that was the finding that he had killed himself. We had a child together, so it was devastating and confusing on so many levels. His family blame me. They still see his ex, the one he used to take drugs with and who was there when he died but not me, it was my fault as far as they’re concerned. I went through a stage of thinking I should have just let it go when he hit me and maybe none of it would have happened, it might not have but the violence would have continued. I couldn’t let it, I’d copped so much from him over the years it had to stop somewhere.

There’s much more to the story I just told but the gist of it is there, if I had cut ties with my violent ex when it first got abusive we may have avoided the whole tragedy. The fact is that I wasn’t happy in the relationship and should have left it a long time ago.

I will never forget what happened and it will continue to affect me. On the night he died I had something come into my head that wouldn’t leave, “Where there is life there is hope,” I don’t know if that was his parting message, I’d like to think it was. I’ve used that quote quite a lot since then, it’s especially relevant to those who suffer mental illness, like I do or anyone having thoughts of suicide. There is always hope so long as we’re alive.

While we are alive we can always change things if we’re not happy with how they are. This includes relationships, we can end them or begin new ones, whatever it is that you want to do, do it now while you still have the chance.  I  hope his soul has found peace and knows  that I now forgive him for the hurt he caused me, I find it hard to forgive him for ending it all though, that is really difficult.

I’m sorry this post wasn’t erotic but it is an important event that had significant ramifications and affected many people. His children will now grow up without a father and it’s tragic. If you ever feel desperately sad or depressed just remember nothing lasts forever, “after every dark day a bright day comes after that.*”

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*very true Tupac song lyrics from the song Unconditional Love