Rainbow Luck

Wicked Wednesday

Running inside quickly, the rain running from my hair down onto my face then dropping down my nose. I was saturated and so were my clothes. They clung to me and stuck tight to all my curves, slightly translucent now they were soaked.

My whole body was wet and I felt it with every movement. The water slid between my thighs as I walked and under my arms as I moved. It felt kind of sexy, I had an urge to take my clothes of and go back out into the rain naked to let the rain pour down on my freed skin. Goosebumps started to cover me as it got colder, the hairs on my arms stood up with the chill.

I had to get these clothes off. Peeling back my top it was almost like taking the skin off a banana, I had to slowly pull it away from my wet skin it clung tightly to. Underneath I had no bra on just a singlet top that was completely see through now.

I unbuttoned my favorite blue jeans and tried to release my legs from them, forgetting to take off my shoes first. Hopping around I kicked off my runners one foot at a time with my jeans halfway down, almost falling in the process. I finally kicked off the second shoe and used my feet to help free me from my dripping wet jeans. With only my wet underwear and singlet top on I went to get a towel.

Walking through the sparkling clean kitchen I glanced up to see the sun suddenly shining in the window. The rain had stopped, just like that. I went to have a look for a moment grabbing a paper towel to mop up some of the moisture that covered me. Gazing outside I saw the colors appear from nowhere. As if it had been there the whole time, a rainbow appeared in the sky.

Surrounded by grey clouds the sun cut through and presented me with the most miraculous colors from one end of the landscape to the other. I wondered about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, had anyone ever found it? Maybe the fairies take it with them when the rainbow moves, I thought with a smile. Naughty fairies. Always up to mischief, like cheeky children. I missed being young and free. The moment lasted longer than it felt because I was still standing there as I heard the front door open and my husband come in. His footsteps towards me reminded me that I was half naked and still wet. I almost ran to get some clothes but thought better of it.

I wonder if the rainbow can bring me some luck today, I wondered. “Hey babe, how was work?” He asked as he came into the kitchen. I heard him behind me. “What are you doing, are you OK?” His worried voice coming out now. I turned to him, he looked concerned but he saw the smile in my eyes and came over to me. Putting his arm around my wet top I pointed up to the rainbow. In a moment it was gone again but he got to see it for a few seconds. Then he leaned in to kiss me. The tension between us rose as quickly as the rainbow came and then left.

We were kissing like teenagers, clawing at each others clothes trying to feel the skin underneath and touch every inch of each other. He grabbed me by my shoulders and steered me backwards towards the kitchen bench where he helped me get my butt up onto the table top. There he took hold of my undies, one hand on each side and started to pull them off. I helped a little by lifting my bum eager to see what was next.

Once they were off he went back to kissing me his face had a short layer of prickly stubble and I could smell him, that sexy smell I loved so much of his body mixed with his favorite aftershave. I grabbed his hair and pulled him deeper into the kiss my hands grasping for more of him.

He started to undo his jeans and I felt the warm rush to my groin, readying myself to take all of him. He kissed me while he kicked off his shoes and pants, his underwear were half way down when the hardness pressed into my thigh. I shifted position so it could rub onto me, arousing me into action. “Mmm,” I moaned. I could feel he was ready as I grew moist in anticipation.

He moved his hands down to position himself, getting ready to push inside me. As I felt the pressure of him filling me up his finger started to rub on my clitoris. Slowly he began thrusting in and out rubbing me while we moved together. I let my head go, dropping it behind me and let out a moan. My body moved as he banged himself into me again and again. “I got my luck after all,” I thought to myself.

I felt my nipples, poking against my still damp see through singlet. As he trusted I pinched them, rubbing them before taking off my top. Baring my breasts for him I sat there naked enjoying his body against mine. There on the kitchen bench he fucked me like we were young again. He took his hand away to hold my hips so he could go even harder.

Banging me as he pushed himself in deeper I let out my breath as moans. Sliding my fingers down, I began to rub my clit. Working up the rhythm with him until I couldn’t hold on any longer. I cried out “Oh yes, oh yes, baby yes.” I felt him get bigger inside me.

He sped up and plunged into me harder. I couldn’t hold back, he looked like he could cum so I let myself go. “Mmmm ohh yes, YES!!” I yelled as I really let myself go. I felt him tense and release, then the twitch inside as he filled me up. We hadn’t cum together like that in far too long.

Just because we were getting old didn’t mean we weren’t still sexual beings, human being. He stayed there between my legs for some time and held me, it was all the magic I needed. I silently thanked the fairies and the rainbow for brightening up my world a little.

I kissed my man on the neck, feeling his stubble prickle my lips started to turn me on again. He cupped my breast with one hand and looked like he was contemplating it. Something told me this was going to be the start of a very hot night, just then I heard the pitter patter of rain on the roof again. Yes tonight we can keep each other warm…and young.

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TMI Tuesday #2

TMI Tuesday

This is my 2ND TMI Tuesday that I’ve done. I like posting about some non sex related stuff now and then. Joining in TMI over a period of time might give more insight into me as a person. Plus it’s just fun and helps give me a reason to post. I considered writing some of my own questions but today I’ll stick with the ones from the TMI site.

Questions From Jan 23rd 2018

1. Favorite childhood memory?

My favorite young childhood memory is probably of Christmas days when the family all got together for a feast and the kids got to open our presents.

I have some pretty good memories from my high school years of playing up with my mates drinking and doing all the naughty stuff we weren’t meant to be doing. Some of those memories are a bit blurry but I remember one night being thrown into a backyard swimming pool with my clothes on, it was hilarious, more to the others than me at the time. Later that night we saw a shooting star and two of my friends went to kiss and my girlfriend was so drunk she threw up in our other male friends face. I felt so bad for him but he took it really well. We had obviously drank way too much that particular night. Lying in the park that night was an awesome experience I’ve never forgotten.

2. Favorite moment in the last 3 months?

In the last 3 months I’ve had some nice moments. My favorite I won’t share here, I’ll just say it’s about being with family.

I will share that I have been staying with my boyfriend for the last few months, I’ve pretty much moved in and I’m loving it. Luckily he is managing to cope with my messy side. He got me a desk and put it together yesterday for me to work on the blog which is awesome. He’s so supportive and gorgeous. He’s sexy too and it’s great exploring different things with him. Let’s just say, I don’t think our life will get boring in the bedroom any time soon.

Because I’m in love there has been many favorite moments with him. Him buying me the desk was unexpected so I felt pretty special.

3. Favorite drink on a hot summer day?

It’s Summer here at the moment and I am loving iced tea when I’m not drinking vodka and soft drink. It’s best when it is really ice cold. For a treat it’s nice to have in a jug with fresh fruit and mint leaves for garnishing. Yum! I won’t forget to mention coffee, even in Summer I have a coffee in the morning, even if it’s an iced coffee.

4. Perfect day out: what, where, with whom?

I’d love to spend the day in the country or where there’s lots of trees and nature, with my boyfriend and stay at a bed and breakfast or camp out somewhere under the stars. We’ve been talking about going camping so it’s been on my mind. Going somewhere beautiful to just relax would be great.

I’m pretty smitten at the moment so he may appear in many of my answers right now. Maybe I should use my imagination a little more…

5. Your most unexpected achievement?

My most unexpected achievement is probably starting a sex blog. The blog I have now is a little different to what I pictured even when I started so it’s even been unexpected since I planned it. Things never go to plan in life though, it’s all an experience and I’m trying to enjoy the ride. I’m in the process of reevaluating what I’m doing here and will probably do a major overhaul soon. In the meantime I am just trying to keep going and continue to find fun and joy in my writing and blogging.

Bonus: The kindest thing you ever did for a stranger?

I’m not sure what the nicest thing is but I try to do nice things when I can. I will give someone change in the street if they’re asking and I have it.

I once let someone who I didn’t really know live with me before. I have to say that was a big mistake.

I’ve done Random acts of kindness and sent online friends presents before. I would love to run a giveaway on this site and am trying to get something organized. If I can’t find a sponsor I’ll put something together.

I’ll sometimes talk to random people I meet and have heard some stories, both good and bad, some really sad. Listening to someone can be a great gift to them. Everyone has hard times and we all need to talk at sometime. I think listening to someone’s story or what’s going on for them is an act of kindness, one I and many people often do. It would be good to find out how some of those strangers lives turned out.

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Orgasmic Oral NSFW

Orgasmic Oral

Masturbation Monday Week 178

NSFW Erotic Fiction

Short intro 

This week I wrote a short erotic fiction piece using the very hot photo prompt from May Moore as inspiration for this Masturbation Monday post. I’d like to thank her for such a great picture prompt.

After writing it I was unsure if it would be good enough but when my partner read it he seemed to experience the effects you’d like to elicit with your erotic fiction. I enjoyed writing it. It’s smutty and NSFW, so hopefully it fits in perfectly at Masturbation Monday’s.

I hope you or someone else out there enjoys reading.


Orgasmic Oral

Erotic fiction for Masturbation Monday

 The tension in the air between us only grew as he gave me that piercing look, gazing into my soul enticing me to come closer and please him. His cock was pressing against his pants poking through, teasing me, enticing me to go and let it loose from restraint.

 He was hungry for me and I loved knowing it, when I saw the horny look in his eye it always got me going. Now his hard dick also drew me closer ready for action. Crawling directly over to him on the bed, I looked up to him longingly and stuck my ass in the air as I moved, exposing it for him to do as he pleased. Anticipating at least a little spanking, I was planning to do my best to pleasure him for my reward or “punishment.”

 His hands began undoing his jeans as I moved like a cat rushing to help pull them off, exposing his hard manliness. And hard it was, noticeably bigger than it appeared yesterday, he was extra horny and in the mood. The look of lust had returned, his eyes glimmered gazing at me longingly. 

I felt wanted, desired which made me more keen to please him. I got ready to go for it beginning to feel a sense of urgency as warmness flowed through my core down to my genitals which were contracting at the sight of my horny man.  Not wanting to waste the feeling I looked up to him, my man, my master, my sex god, making eye contact which lingered until we both could wait no longer. 

Not usually a real submissive myself it feels wonderful everytime I bow down to him, I make an effort to please him and enjoy doing as asks. When the request is more of a command my excitement to do his bidding is obvious as I revel in glory at being told what a good girl I am or when he punishes me with a spanking or hard fuck. Moments like this one, I could never refuse him, all I want is to make him happy. 

Still looking up into his eyes I reach out and grab hold of his cock firmly, using my other hand to hold his balls in my cupped palm, pressing behind them and holding tight but not too much. I break my start and go for the prize, opening my mouth so I can start licking around the head of his penis. 

After moistening his knob enough I run my tongue around the edge it a few times, then lick all over the hard shaft of his huge cock. Wanting all of his cock to feel my wetness and the texture and touch of my mouth I try and make sure I don’t miss anywhere before I lick straight up the middle back to the head and open my mouth to take it in. He moaned softly. 

Enclosing my mouth over it taking in just the top at first I give it a good sucking before I push myself down onto him taking it in as far as I could go, lifting my head then taking it into my mouth deeper every time. 

Quickly I open my eyes to look up making sure he really was enjoying it. So far, so good, his look said he wanted more and he wanted it badly. I took it into my mouth as deep as I could go, gripping the shaft firmly. 

As my mouth moved up and down my hand wanked the base of his cock keeping the rhythm. Hearing his satisfied groans turned me on, moans escaped my mouth muffled by my mouthful of cock. The vibration of my voice made him groan more and grab my hair helping me keep the right speed. 

Trying to go deeper in my already full mouth, made slurping noises. My throat opened to take it in a little more. Loving that he was enjoying it I kept slurping as I sucked his huge cock hungrily. My hands and mouth were busily working just for his pleasure. 

I wanted him to cum in my mouth, feeling he was nearing climax. Even better, I thought, he could turn me around and take me from behind. Feeling horny myself, I wasn’t sure what would happen and didn’t care. Just the feeling of giving him pleasure was sexy enough for me in that moment and it was, enough to make me wet. 

I let out more muffled moans that got louder as we both got hotter feeling what was coming. My throat really was starting to gag now as I kept sucking him deeper. That didn’t stop my urge to be filled by him, it was growing stronger. I wanted to feel him cum inside me. 

Before he could turn me around, he bent forward and gave my butt cheek a slight spank, grabbing my butt cheek and spreading it a little bit giving himself a good view of me. Looking down at me with my head moving furiously as I knew he ready to cum. 

Letting him fuck my mouth until I heard the noises that signalled he was ready to blow.  Struggling to hold on, “oh yes, that’s it,” then when I could feel his pulsating cock he warned me “I’m cumming,” I mumbled back “Yes,” my mouth still full letting him know it was OK with me.

 His moan grew louder, turning me on too. The warm liquid squirted out as he nearly convulsed. Cum ran back down into my throat and his saltiness filled my mouth, I swallowed it down as quick as I could. Wanting him to see that I enjoyed pleasing him and was willing to take every drop of his jizz. His cock was left in my hand, still throbbing. 

Looking up at him again happily knowing he was satisfied. In my mind I was hoping he’d want more but I knew that later he would come back to spank me and the fun would begin again, he would reward me for my efforts. 

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