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Masturbation Monday 179

More Erotic Fiction For Masturbation Monday.

(I’m hoping as I practice my stories will improve, however slowly. I enjoy the process so I’ll keep posting when I can.)


I laid down on the bed my head throbbing from looking at the screen. I’d been writing all day, writing about sex and sex related themes. I didn’t feel very sexy even though I was wearing my favorite comfy Bond’s undies with the bright pink stripes. They always made me feel good, maybe not sexy in the way lace makes me feel but comfortable in my body type sexy.

I flopped back onto the pillow and closed my eyes. Ideas kept popping into my head. One minute I’d be thinking of one thing the next I’d remember something I forgot to do. I was working on a piece of erotic fiction and writing an article to “improving your sex life.” Porn was going to be one of my suggestions and also trying fantasies. Hmm fantasies, I thought. Maybe I should practice to make sure the advice I’m giving works. It seemed to work last time I had an orgasm when I was thinking about doing unspeakable things. Things I’d seen my boyfriend watching on porn. My hand absentmindedly crept down towards my stomach, tickling my skin lightly on the way.

In my mind I could picture her, she looked just like I did only a few years ago. Back when I had a good body. Two men were there both wanting to please her, to please me. One was feeling my body and sucking on my nipples while the other went down on me. My hand reached down and slid under the elastic of my striped underwear as I thought about it some more. I imagined for a moment the man going down on me was my boyfriend and the one at my breasts a stranger we had picked up somewhere for the occasion.

I stroked myself gently trying to feel everywhere. I felt the wetness inside me as I parted my lips picturing my man holding them apart and licking between them. His other hand pushing his finger inside me touching the right spot. The other guy massaged my body softly everywhere else and looked at me with hungry eyes. In my mind I thought I could give him a little action. After I got to the next level of course. I kept going until I was almost panting.

I imagined being turned over. Both men spanking me on the butt before my man takes me for himself. Pushing himself into me the other guy rubs his hands over me and moves towards my mouth with his big hard cock. I rub myself as I imagine what I would do next. I’d never had a threesome before and the idea was very tempting. I took hold of this guy’s cock and put my lips around it, taking it in while my man fucked me from behind. Reaching for my breasts he felt my entire body on the way. He kept thrusting into me, harder now that I had another cock inside my mouth. My fingers went deeply inside as I imagined being rode, while I sucked this strangers cock in my minds eye.

My drawers next to me had my favorite vibrator ready to go. What the hell I thought and reached over to open the drawer. Relieved I’d charged it, I turned it on placed it, over my magic spot buzzing away. Reaching over again to get some lube I squeezed some of the sticky cold goo onto my hand and smothered it all over my pussy down to my butt before returning to fantasy land to play with myself. Entirely enjoying my imagination. I was definitely starting to feel sexy now, entirely hot.

Both guys were hard and getting ready to cum. Prolonging the experience we decided to have a break from what we were doing and change positions. The stranger went down on me licking me eagerly and sucking me with little slurps. My man came up to my mouth with his cock hard as a rock, throbbing. I wanted it inside me while the other guy kept going down on me.

The thought of it made me really horny. I slid the vibrator in, and imagined where my scenario could go to from there.

Two guys ready for anything there with me, horny by now and considering how this could play out. So many possibilities. I surprised myself at the thoughts that came to me naturally. If I bent over maybe they could take turns? Maybe I could take them both at once? That thought got me going. Picturing it in my head it seemed like it would be uncomfortable for at least one of us.

The mind is a wonderful thing. Despite my concern about comfort, we all got into the swing of things so to speak. Everyone found their place quickly and the two of them both treated me attentively, aiming to please me and meet my needs.

That was enough for me, the thought of it lasted only a moment and I came with a shudder. Forbidden fruit is powerful and it sure got me. Feeling weak at the knees my legs shaking. I was surprised I could get so wet just from thinking. Amazed by how turned on the explicit thought got me I lay there thinking about it some more.

Before I finished I’d cum a second time. I got up to get myself a drink, smiling. Thinking about how nobody would ever know how naughty I could be. After all, it only ever happened in my mind. It seems like my tip might work, it did for me. Perfectly.

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Orgasmic Oral NSFW

Orgasmic Oral

Masturbation Monday Week 178

NSFW Erotic Fiction

Short intro 

This week I wrote a short erotic fiction piece using the very hot photo prompt from May Moore as inspiration for this Masturbation Monday post. I’d like to thank her for such a great picture prompt.

After writing it I was unsure if it would be good enough but when my partner read it he seemed to experience the effects you’d like to elicit with your erotic fiction. I enjoyed writing it. It’s smutty and NSFW, so hopefully it fits in perfectly at Masturbation Monday’s.

I hope you or someone else out there enjoys reading.


Orgasmic Oral

Erotic fiction for Masturbation Monday

 The tension in the air between us only grew as he gave me that piercing look, gazing into my soul enticing me to come closer and please him. His cock was pressing against his pants poking through, teasing me, enticing me to go and let it loose from restraint.

 He was hungry for me and I loved knowing it, when I saw the horny look in his eye it always got me going. Now his hard dick also drew me closer ready for action. Crawling directly over to him on the bed, I looked up to him longingly and stuck my ass in the air as I moved, exposing it for him to do as he pleased. Anticipating at least a little spanking, I was planning to do my best to pleasure him for my reward or “punishment.”

 His hands began undoing his jeans as I moved like a cat rushing to help pull them off, exposing his hard manliness. And hard it was, noticeably bigger than it appeared yesterday, he was extra horny and in the mood. The look of lust had returned, his eyes glimmered gazing at me longingly. 

I felt wanted, desired which made me more keen to please him. I got ready to go for it beginning to feel a sense of urgency as warmness flowed through my core down to my genitals which were contracting at the sight of my horny man.  Not wanting to waste the feeling I looked up to him, my man, my master, my sex god, making eye contact which lingered until we both could wait no longer. 

Not usually a real submissive myself it feels wonderful everytime I bow down to him, I make an effort to please him and enjoy doing as asks. When the request is more of a command my excitement to do his bidding is obvious as I revel in glory at being told what a good girl I am or when he punishes me with a spanking or hard fuck. Moments like this one, I could never refuse him, all I want is to make him happy. 

Still looking up into his eyes I reach out and grab hold of his cock firmly, using my other hand to hold his balls in my cupped palm, pressing behind them and holding tight but not too much. I break my start and go for the prize, opening my mouth so I can start licking around the head of his penis. 

After moistening his knob enough I run my tongue around the edge it a few times, then lick all over the hard shaft of his huge cock. Wanting all of his cock to feel my wetness and the texture and touch of my mouth I try and make sure I don’t miss anywhere before I lick straight up the middle back to the head and open my mouth to take it in. He moaned softly. 

Enclosing my mouth over it taking in just the top at first I give it a good sucking before I push myself down onto him taking it in as far as I could go, lifting my head then taking it into my mouth deeper every time. 

Quickly I open my eyes to look up making sure he really was enjoying it. So far, so good, his look said he wanted more and he wanted it badly. I took it into my mouth as deep as I could go, gripping the shaft firmly. 

As my mouth moved up and down my hand wanked the base of his cock keeping the rhythm. Hearing his satisfied groans turned me on, moans escaped my mouth muffled by my mouthful of cock. The vibration of my voice made him groan more and grab my hair helping me keep the right speed. 

Trying to go deeper in my already full mouth, made slurping noises. My throat opened to take it in a little more. Loving that he was enjoying it I kept slurping as I sucked his huge cock hungrily. My hands and mouth were busily working just for his pleasure. 

I wanted him to cum in my mouth, feeling he was nearing climax. Even better, I thought, he could turn me around and take me from behind. Feeling horny myself, I wasn’t sure what would happen and didn’t care. Just the feeling of giving him pleasure was sexy enough for me in that moment and it was, enough to make me wet. 

I let out more muffled moans that got louder as we both got hotter feeling what was coming. My throat really was starting to gag now as I kept sucking him deeper. That didn’t stop my urge to be filled by him, it was growing stronger. I wanted to feel him cum inside me. 

Before he could turn me around, he bent forward and gave my butt cheek a slight spank, grabbing my butt cheek and spreading it a little bit giving himself a good view of me. Looking down at me with my head moving furiously as I knew he ready to cum. 

Letting him fuck my mouth until I heard the noises that signalled he was ready to blow.  Struggling to hold on, “oh yes, that’s it,” then when I could feel his pulsating cock he warned me “I’m cumming,” I mumbled back “Yes,” my mouth still full letting him know it was OK with me.

 His moan grew louder, turning me on too. The warm liquid squirted out as he nearly convulsed. Cum ran back down into my throat and his saltiness filled my mouth, I swallowed it down as quick as I could. Wanting him to see that I enjoyed pleasing him and was willing to take every drop of his jizz. His cock was left in my hand, still throbbing. 

Looking up at him again happily knowing he was satisfied. In my mind I was hoping he’d want more but I knew that later he would come back to spank me and the fun would begin again, he would reward me for my efforts. 

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