Just checking in to say hi. 

Hi everyone just thought I’d stop by to say hi and let you know what I’m working on. While trying to get some more products to review I am going to do some of a few things I’ve tried recently. One is an Australian made personal lubricant. The other is a menstrual cup you have probably heard of called the Diva Cup. I’ve also been playing around with writing erotic fiction for my partner mainly but I’m considering sharing it here. Any tips would be greatly appreciated so feel free to contact me or comment if that is possible (not sure if I need a plug in or not.) As I have said before this blog is new and I’m still learning. Once I figure out how to properly categorize posts I think I will be sharing a whole lot more on here so please, stay tuned. This is the start of what I hope could become something great. Enjoy your day folks and I’ll be back soon. 

PS. All photos are mine, taken and edited by me up until now. Photos from other sources will be cited if they are used in future.