Must Know Tips to Care for Your Sex Toys, part one. 

Toys can be great fun and also expensive. It goes without saying they need to be kept clean but often people don’t think about this or overlook the importance of caring for sex toys correctly.

One of the most important things you need to do is wash your toys after EVERY time you use them. Storing them correctly is important also. If you can keep them in a box in a cool dry area, not just thrown under the bed or in the sock drawer. If you don’t have a box or don’t want to buy one another storage solution, which is cheap and simple is to keep the box the toy came in. This way you have all the cleaning information and warranty info on hand if you need it too.

Another way to store toys is in bags like a silk or satin drawstring bags similar to the one in the picture, preferably not mesh but it’s better than nothing.

Keep your toys in a bag or box and clean them after every use.

Now, a word on cleaning toys. Different toys have different needs. Not all toys are made of the same materials or do the same thing, so it’s important to read the instructions when you buy your toys to be sure you know what the best method of cleaning is.

Using soap and water is usually OK but ideally you should use a special toy cleaner. A product such as “Wicked’s Cleene,” antibacterial toy cleaner will do the job properly keeping your toy clean. This keeps you safe from any nasties while caring for the material your toy is made from, giving it a longer life.

Jelly like rubber toys are particularly prone to damage and being porous they can harbour bacteria and other germs such as mould which can lead to infections. Silicone toys are non porous but still need special care, never use silicone based lubricants with silicone or other rubber toys, instead use water based lube.
Using silicone lubricant on sex toys will cause the material to break down, eventually the rubber will literally break down and crumble away, before that happens it will become suceptable to bacteria and germs growing in the now porous surface.

Silicone toys are specifically prone to this, the reason being that silicone bonds with silicone, so silicone based lubricants bonds to the silicone toy (or plastic or rubber that toys are made of,) causing them to deteriorate quickly, making the surface difficult to clean properly and making it vulnerable to various germs and micro organisms.
Once things like mould and other nasties start growing they continue to and this may not be visible to the human eye until the damage is so severe the toy will not only need to be thrown away but there may be other health related issues caused by the infected toy. This is the last kind of thing you want to think about when playing with your toys, so look after them.
Water based lubricant is recommended for use with latex, rubber and silicone so it’s best to use water based lube with toys and also with condoms which you should be using anyway.

Safe sex is good sex, this goes for toys too.

Keep them clean, dry and stored safely.

It seems obvious to wash your toys but many people don’t for whatever reason and just put them in the drawer after using them, or even on the floor. I can’t stress enough how important it is to not only wash but store toys properly, not only for your health but also for the toy to keep working properly that you care for them properly. After all your health is priceless and some toys are very expensive, you want to get as much use as possible from them.

So remember a few important basics about keeping your sex toys clean and happy for a longer life. These tips will also help should you ever need to claim on your warranty which most good quality toys give you a warranty for a fair period of time if they have been cared for properly.

Now you know the ins and outs of caring for your sex toys, go and have fun and enjoy them. Just remember to clean them after every use and store them properly and you’ll be having fun for a long time to come.

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