Menstrual Cup Review: Diva Cup

I found it hard to work up the courage to try out the Diva Cup for the first time. Before I did, I read a few reviews and got the gist on how to use one. Which convinced me to give it a try and also to write my own review which will hopefully help you if you too are trying to decide whether to try out a menstrual cup or not. It took me several months after buying it to actually try it out and I think that maybe the size was a bit overwhelming. I will try the smaller size if I buy another diva cup as they come in two sizes. The smaller size is the first one and it’s recommended for women who haven’t had babies or have only had c-section births. I tried the second size having had children and feel that maybe because my last full term baby was born so long ago I could have gone with the smaller size. So now you know about the sizing the best way to describe a diva cup is to say it is a cup made of silicone used kind of like a tampon to collect menstrual fluid. With proper insertion there should be no leakage and you don’t need to take it out for cleaning for up to 12 hours. You can kind of feel when it’s ready to be changed as the weight brings it down a bit so you can feel it. One of the great things about the diva cup is the “tail,” to help with removal. I found it to be a great help and don’t know how I would have got it out without the little end attachment I call a tail for want of a better word.

When putting the diva cup in the best bit of advice I got and can give is to use some water based lubricant. Get into a comfortable position as thought you were inserting a tampon or possibly lie on the bed. Squeeze the cup together and fold over so it makes a kind of squashed C shape and use lubricant around the edges. Gently insert making sure you are relaxed. I did some breathing during this part and push it inside more on an upward angle than you would insert a tampon. As it goes in it will open up, push it in until it goes up enough to be positioned correctly and covers the cervix. I did a little wiggle to make sure it felt like it was in right.

The first few times you use it you might like to use pads or liners as back ups just in case as the positioning can be a bit tricky to master. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll never look back. Whether you use only menstrual cups or just use them sometimes they will save you money and be great for the environment. Every 12 hours or so you remove the cup to be washed with warm soapy water. At the end of my period I used a sex toy cleaner before putting it in the fabric bag it came with for storage.

I’m so glad I finally worked up the courage to try the diva cup, I look forward to trying out other brands and sizes to see how they all rate. I will be sure to let you know when I do.

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