New Reviews Coming Soon

I am so excited to say that I should be writing some new reviews for the next generation Satisfyer products. I am really keen to try out the new products and let you all know how they work for me. I also have a few other reviews coming soon, as I mentioned in my last post but I am particularly excited about the Satisfyer reviews and can’t wait to get started on testing the product then writing my review which I plan on promoting throughout the various social media profiles I have set up. The more of you that want to read my reviews means I’ll be asked to do more reviews. Which is really exciting for me. I am not making any money for this blog, so far it’s purely for the love. I would like to find a way to branch out and discuss other issues on here that are meaningful to me. So far I have a few ideas of how to link in health promotion and education with what I’ve been doing so far but there are so many other things I want to discuss I might make these little random posts more regular and talk about whatever is going on in my head in between reviews and real risque view posts. 

So for now I’m off to work on my diva cup review and a review for astro glide an Australian made lubricant. They should be up in the next week, hopefully just before I start work on the new Satisfyer review.