Must Know Tips for Caring for Your Sex Toys (part 2) 

Wicked “Cleene,” antibacterial, unscented sex toy cleaner.

To sum up some of the points made in the last post here is 6 must know basics of sex toy care and maintenance are;

  1. Not all toys are created equally and each has its own needs, different types of toys should be washed differently. Read the instructions for your toy for cleaning and storage instruction specific for the toy you are using.       

  2. Use only water based lubricant when using toys and/or condoms

    Silicone based lubricants quickly deteriorate the material condoms are made of (usually latex,) and can cause the material to break. Disgusting, I know. There’s many different problems and infections that can be caused by toys “down there.” So to put it mildly and briefly, over time silicone lube will ruin your toys much faster than water based lubricants, giving you much less time to get enjoy using it. Be safe and use water based lubricant. Once again check the guidelines written by the manufacturer as there may be some exceptions to the rule.

  3. Clean toys properly after every use and allow to dry before storing properly. 

    It seems as obvious as cleaning your toys but its extremely impirtant to store toys safely once they are clean and dry. Storing them in a box or bag somewhere dry, cool and safe is ideal. After washing and drying your toys be sure to put them away somewhere else safely. Using a special box for your toys is a great idea or even a drawer, ideally the box or drawer would have compartments to store each toy separately with its accessories like chargers and warranty paperwork etc. One way to keep toys safely separated in their box is using bags like cotton, silk, satin drawstring bags. They can be used to store each toy and put them all away safely out of harms way. This way they are looked after as they should be, giving them a longer life. It also means they are out of reach or children or sticky nosing mother in laws and guests. Storing toys in a dry area that’s not too hot or too cold and isn’t damp is best. You should have thoroughly cleaned your toy immediately after use and before putting away for next time. If you have children a high up cupboard or one with a lock can save you from embarrassment and having the talk you might not be ready for just yet. It also means that you have everything stored together for when you want to use it. You could even have one box or bag for near the bed and one hidden away for special occasions. Whatever the case storing sex toys well will help them last longer and prevent you getting any type of infection from them. It will also prevent mould or other micro organisms from growing them, this is more common than many people know or would like to think about.

  4. Only clean with a toy cleaner specifically made for the purpose or a warm soapy water. Be careful to wash each toy correctly, again check the instructions that come with your toy. 

    Use a special toy cleaner, such as Wicked Cleene, or if you need to wash your toys and have run out of specialty cleaner, carefully wash the toy with warm soapy water. If you are washing a vibrator make sure to avoid exposing the motor to any moisture and do not immerse it under water or you will destroy your toy. Many are water proof or resistant making using the toy more fun and cleaning them easier. Using soap and water should be enough to clean your toy. It’s been suggested to me that a hand soap isn’t a good choice but I would recommend a soap with antibacterial qualities. A basic detergent like what you use for hand washing dishes should suffice but make sure you rinse it off several times and dry the toy thoroughly before storing properly, ie in a bag or box in a cool dry place. Never use harsh cleaning agents or alcohol based cleaner on your toys.

  5. Don’t use a dishwasher to wash your sex toys.

     Or harsh cleaners including alcohol based cleaners. Wash them carefully and gently by hand. The exception to this rule is glass or sterling silver toys such as but plugs or dildo’s which are non porous and don’t have any mechanical parts to worry about.

  6. If you wish to share toys you need to use protection, yep just like sex, do it safely.

      Cover up any part of the toy that you or the other person will be touching. A condom is the best thing for the job or possibly a dental dam which is like a condom but for oral sex. (A dental dam is basically a square piece of latex is used as a barrier when performing oral sex on a woman, helping to prevent the spread of STI’s,) so use a dental dam or condom for sharing toys.

Many of these points seem to go with-out saying but if you’ve never been taught something, how can you be expected to know it? My aim here is to teach people the basics and beyond so there will eventually be information here to suit people at every stage of their journey. Safe sex is good sex and there can never be enough education around what is safe. Consent is another story. Without consent there should be no sex, yet another reason why sex toys can come in handy at times. 

    Dental Dam, Condoms and Water Based Lubricant

    Side note condoms should still be used for men even if just giving them a head job. I know many people will protest this but trust me in the long term, as well as short term it’s much better for your health and theirs.