I’ve been seeing my boyfriend for quite awhile now, during the time we’ve been together there’s been times where we had to be apart, for various reasons.

During these times I learned that he really enjoyed sexting. He even sent me my first real dick pic.

At first I was absolutely freaking and had no idea what to say in response to his pictures or to his request of a kinky message. I all of a sudden felt extremely shy, he does have a rather fabulous, large sexy cock so I managed to tell him I liked it. After that I choked. I had no idea what to say. I mean what do you say? “um that’s lovely bring it over here baby?”  No that isn’t really my style.

I thought about how to respond to his messages before I finally did, I even Googled how to ‘sext,’ and sexting tips.

One of the best tips I found spoke the obvious, it was to relax and not stress out about it too much.

To get in the mood I tried to think about what he likes so I thought back to the porn I’d been watching with him to get some ideas, but still, I had no idea what to say.

I ended up asking him to start me off with a theme and it turns out somewhere deep inside me was a naughty girl waiting for the opportunity to play. I just tried to remember that men are visual creatures then I tried to figure out what he wanted to hear and went from there, I wrote  When I wrote I wasn’t thinking of what his reaction would be other than turned on, so there wasn’t as much embarrassment.

We ended up messaging each other and coming up with some pretty full on stories, one about an orgy in an adult theater. A few weeks later we needed to book a motel room and he had me in an all male dorm with a group of men and me having to help haggle down the price of the room with the manager.

So I went from not knowing what to say to next level sexting, telling erotic fiction via text message. To think it could have been as simple as telling him what I wanted to do to him when he got home, I did do that too, we just went a little further with it and I am not ashamed to say, it was fun.

We both know the difference between fantasy and reality after having that talk several times, so after a bit of reassurance I could really get into it. I’m still just a beginner at sexting really, but that’s OK.
I’ve introduced him to other things in the way he has showed me how to watch porn again and message a whole new way. For the times when we are apart it’s the perfect place way to close the distance and have a bit of fun.

Some quick tips for sexting

  • Have fun and relax.
  • Think about what turns you on and write about that.
  • Try to be visual, describe what you are thinking of so the receiver of your message gets a visual picture.
  • Obviously only participate if you want to and if you do let yourself go wild you might really enjoy it.