Why I Write an Adult Blog

This post may explain a bit about who I am and why I’m writing an adult blog instead of an everyday one. Or it might give you some insight into who I am and why I felt motivated to write about subjects relating to sexual health among other things.

I wrote this post the other day but hadn’t had the courage to post it as I’ll be discussing some really personal stuff. I wanted to share the reason I started a blog, an adult blog at that, not just any old blog.

I’ll begin with some of my background. Once upon a time I used to be a sex worker. It wasn’t usually a glamorous time of my life but I had some different experiences and I learned a lot about people. I also developed a strong respect people who work in the sex industry. I found that, for many different reasons, I wasn’t suited to the work myself. I had worked in the industry for some time before it began to take a real toll on me emotionally, so I eventually stopped.

That was many years ago, during that time I always thought I’d love to get a job teaching people about sexual heath and being involved in health promotion. I studied community services for a little while and intend on going back to it one day. For now I wanted to have an outlet for my thoughts and somewhere to share information that I think others need to know or might be interested in, relating to all areas of life, including sexual health.

These days I spend a lot of my time at home, much of it I spend trawling the internet. So, I thought about and figured maybe I could help someone while giving myself the outlet that I craved as well something to do. I don’t work at the moment due to my struggle with mental health, so this seemed like the perfect way to ease back into some form of work like activity.

I actually didn’t realize how much work would be involved when I began, I thought I’d put in 15 minutes here or there but this week I’ve already spent hours playing around with my site and most of that time not writing. I think now most of it’s set up I’ll be able to start getting into writing more posts.

As you may have noticed I also love sex toys, so the catalyst for me starting this blog finally was an interaction that I had with a fantastic company, that make the Satisfyer Pro 2. After dealing with them, I thought “this is it,” I have to start doing my reviews. I have a few reviews planned and I’m trying to source some more products to review after that.

It was a few weeks ago that I began the blog by writing some reviews, one on the Satisfyer Pro 2. Over the weeks I haven’t had much traffic or much to review, so I thought I’d write about some of the other topics that I intended on writing about in the beginning.

I hope some of the things that are relevant to me, must also be to someone else somewhere out there. I’m realizing that this gig is harder than the pro bloggers make it look. But I plan on sticking at it for awhile and seeing where this can take me. Even if it is just an outlet for my innermost thoughts, which it seems to be.

When I started this blog I thought there would be loads of sex toy manufacturer’s looking to have their toys reviewed and that the only problem I would face was raising funds to grow my site. How wrong was I? Funds are still a problem as I don’t have a “day job,” but there’s more hurdles than just finances.

Creating posts is a bit harder than I initially thought but I think I’m getting the hang of it slowly. Hopefully I can keep coming up with ideas for relevant topics to write about. I’d love to answer readers questions, once I get some I will start doing that. I’m also looking for someone to interview for a post. So even while it’s just me and a few viewers I am going to do this. I’m writing my own blog.

Another thing I’d like to add is why I use a pen name. I write under the name Zara and this post may give the answer to why I’m not using my real name to post, at least not yet anyway. I will possibly share more stories about my past and for the sake of my personal safety and piece of mind, I’d like to keep a level of anonymity for the time being.

 So here it is, I am wearing my heart on my sleeve and putting it all out there in the blogosphere. It’s a bit daunting writing about topics some find risque or taboo even but I hope the way I have written about these things doesn’t offend anyone but does teach someone, somewhere, something. 

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    1. Thank-you for your feedback. I’m glad that I have got your interest. There will be more random posts coming soon and a few reviews.

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