If you don't like it you can just scroll on past. Daily writing challenge, why I write. 



I write because I love writing. The words seem to flow more freely and come out more early than when I speak. Sometimes I like to just write what I’m thinking or feeling and not read over it, although I’m learning that with a blog post it’s always a good idea to go over it again. Sometimes I write because people aren’t really interested in talking about the same things I want to talk about. The great thing about the internet is there is always someone out there who has a similar view to you. It’s finding those people that’s difficult. Hopefully after a while of writing freely on here I will have connected with a few of you who understand what it is I’m thinking or trying to get across. 

I have already started to write one post for today and I have to go out so I can’t spend the full fifteen minutes freewriting but I might come back to this later to talk about why I write. 

Some of the topics I want to write about aren’t suitable for everyday chatter or normal conversations you might have with your colleagues. I want to get to the nitty gritty of it sometimes. I want to be real, that’s why I write. I used to write because no judgement came from it but writing on the internet you kind of have to get used to being judged because that’s the whole point of it. 

My hope is that I will meet like minded people and I’m not a very judgemental person, in fact I’m open minded so my hope is I’ll attract others who are as easy going as me and if they don’t like it they’ll just scroll on past. That’s what I try to do when I see people just sharing their thoughts, if I can’t add something constructive or supportive I just move on. 

My hope for writing on the internet is that people might read what I have to say and learn something or have a different perspective on a topic. I haven’t got to writing many informative pieces yet but that will come. I am working on a few posts at the moment. They will be finished soon so then I’ll have time to write more and eventually I hope I’ll get down to the source of what it is I want to achieve here. I’d like my time spent here to not all be for nothing even if it just helps me that will be great but if I can help someone else that will be even better. So that is my daily challenge for today, why I write. I’m sure I could have added more but for now I’m going to leave it at that. Hope you all have a fantastic day. Remember, if you don’t like something on the net you can always scroll on past. 

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