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Fun Factory Menstrual Cups; Fun Cups Explorer Kit

Fun Factory have just released a new product that will be soon available in Australia. As you’d expect from fun factory their new range is made of excellent quality materials that are safe for your body. Unlike their usual range of products though this one isn’t vibrating, it’s a good looking range of menstrual cups designed to not only look good, but to also fit perfectly down there. As the name implies these silicone cups enable you to have fun times when it’s that time of the month with no mess. They are a great alternative to pads and tampons, not only for you but for the environment as well.

I know the idea of menstrual cups freak some people out and admittedly they may not suit everyone for every situation but I for one am glad I took the plunge and gave them a go because I was pleasantly surprised at how well and effectively they worked for me. Read on for my experience with Fun Factory Fun Cups explorer kit or have a look at my other menstrual cup review here.

Size and colors

The cups come in two sizes and a range of bold vibrant colours. The Explorer kit allows you to try out both of the sizes to get the perfect fit for your body or to allow you to use different sizes for different times of your period, the smaller one for when your flow is less and the B cup for when it’s heavier. They come packaged in a well designed, which is very pleasing to the eye. Included in the pack is a handy carry case so you can hygienically store your fun cups between use or keep a spare in your car or bag. There is also some well designed information booklets about the product and how to use them. I strongly recommend you read the instructions before use as they have some important information.

I have tried the A cup and had no issues at all with leakage and insertion was easy, it seemed to fit me much better than other menstrual cups I’ve tried. I use water based lubricant where possible to make putting it in easier.

Using your Fun Cup

The cup stays in place with suction and does so really well.  Taking it out was the only part where I found an issue because there is no string like “tail,” to grip on to, I found removing it the most difficult part of the entire process, especially for the first time. To get it out you have to release the suction by squeezing it or if you can reach pressing your finger in around the rim until the seal breaks, I found getting to it to be a bit of a challenge but it’s nothing you can’t get used to with a bit of practice. When the seal breaks as well as when you put the cup into place you will probably hear a slurping type of pop sound which is a tad unusual in the beginning but this is normal and will help you to know when the cup is in place and when its ready to come out. For me bearing down helped to get it down more within reach which made getting a grip much easier along with some breathing and relaxation which were much needed for the first few times particularly.

Fun Factory suggest that it can take approximately two periods to get used to using the fun cup and I think they’re probably right. It doesn’t come naturally if you haven’t used them often or at all in the past. There is many benefits to using menstrual cups if you can get used to them. The benefits extend past being a money saver and good for the environment but it’s said that they are actually better for your health and have less of an impact on you than what tampons do with no risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome,) and the silicone material fun cups are made with won’t affect your body’s PH as tampons can.

Fun Cups are designed to give you more freedom to do what you would normally do even when you have your period. The information in the pack says full penetration isn’t recommended but suggests other activities such as oral and light or shallow penetration as being some of the things you can do while wearing the fun cup. Swimming is also safe to do with the fun cup and they allow you the freedom to not have to worry about restricting your clothing choice if that was something you were ever worried about when using pads or tampons. Without the string nobody will ever know it’s there.

Changing the Fun Cup and cleaning

Fun Cups needs to be changed at least every 12 hours but if you can change it more regularly that’s even better I would say if you can change it every 4-6 hours like a tampon that would be ideal but everyone is different and the whole idea of the fun cup is to give us some flexibility when we most need it. When changing your Fun Cup give it a wash with warm soapy water before inserting again. In between periods you can store it in the cute little carry case that comes in the packet. You can also sterilize your Fun Cups by boiling them for 3 minutes. I think it’s a good idea to give them a good boil every now and then to keep them hygienic and give them a longer life span.

I personally use some of my sex toy cleaner in between uses for a quick clean I just let it sit for about a minute then wash off with soapy water and rinse thoroughly before inserting again.

My thoughts on the Fun Cup Explorer Kit

I really love the freedom that menstrual cups offer and there is some features of the fun cups that I just love, not to mention they are made by Fun Factory which is one of my favourite brands. I love that the explorer kit contains 2 sizes allowing you to try out which size is best for you and even personalising the sizes to suit your needs and stages of your period, for example by using the larger cup when your flow is  heavy and the smaller one for when it is lighter. You might find one cup suits you best and that’s what makes the kit so great because it saves you buying the wrong size then thinking that Menstrual cups don’t suit you because you’ve used the wrong size.

Another thing I love about the Fun Cup is the colour and design they look really cool with their bright colours and stylishly designed shape. They not only help make that time of the month more fun but they actually look fun! Not to mention the freedom that comes from the Fun Cup which allows you to be yourself no matter what time of month it is. Then, the best thing about fun Factory Fun Cups is that they are great for the environment, with less waste product going into landfill and not only that after a few months you’ve saved your money so they become cheaper to use, so they’re more economical which to me is brilliant and well worth the change over.

  • As a side note the reason i love the Fun Factory brand so much is one of my all time favourite vibrators, which gave me a good 4 or 5 years of pretty hard core use was made by the fun factory. I’m pretty sure it as an Amorino before the rubber band came out, it looked very similar. I would have loved to do a review on it but trust me when I say they make high quality products that can be relied on for satisfaction. Hopefully one day I will be asked to review some of their other fun products for you.

For now I am rapt that the Fun Cups are out on the market and will soon be released in Australia. Until then if you are keen to try them you can purchase them online.

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