Blog Updates

Themed Days 

I had been thinking about starting to do some themes on different days, like Share our Shit Saturday #SoSS, when I came across a whole lot of other sex blogging memes that provide prompts and give you a place to share your work. I find this really exciting and look forward to sharing more posts with other memes such as Masturbation Monday, Sinful Sunday, Wicked Wednesday, Kink of the Week and a whole lot more.

I am still considering making my own themes for specific days of the week but I might find that a little too restrictive. You will be informed when I do decide what my plan looks like. 

Posting Plan

My current goal is to post twice a week, at least once but I’m hopeful that I can manage 3 or more depending on how involved they are and what else I have on. 

If I can I will post everyday or several in a day depending on when I can.

Moving to self hosted site

Over the next month I am going to try and focus one writng after some big changes on the site that may not yet be visible. I still have a lot of work to do to get it up to scratch but a big part of that is posting. Over the last month I moved to a self hosted site to give me more freedom and opportunities for growth. 

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Possible Promotion, Giveaway

If I can find a sponsor is that I hope to run a giveaway in the new year mark the sites big move and to celebrate the first three months of the blog as well as the new year as a way of thinking you, the readers and followers of the blog. If I can’t find a sponsor I will look into that the avenues and next year I will arrange something so keep your eyes peeled. 

Future Posts 

I’ll be experimenting a bit with my posting as I have been doing. I am looking forward to writing about some topics which are close to my heart. Some ideas I have on the go are posts about self care, body image and other self improvement type themes. Useful info on goal setting and other helpful tools and info. Sexual health, consent and orgasms. I hope to write a post about sex drive to link in with another blog site. And I’m working on a post about sexuality which I have started to focus on sex workers as the theme. Those are just some of the possible things you may see posted here in the near future. Again I’d love some suggestions. Feel free to comment on what your preferences are.  


I have some reviews coming up. I am looking for more products to review but having some difficulty in finding them. I will keep you posted but in the mean time I will be reviewing After Dark Intimate Wipes. 

I also have some other toys which I bought and figured I would review. I have an iWand, a calExotics Entice Rabbit vibrator, an alien vibrator and a Touché vibrating Ice Massager. That should keep me busy with reviews for awhile. Hopefully then I will be able to get my hands on some of the newer toys you are probably interested in finding out about. It’s good to know about budget toys for people with a low budget like myself.  

Helping support the blog and myself to keep writing. 

I recently added donation options allowing you to donate via PayPal payment option in the menu and in some posts and pages. 

Alternatively you can buy me a coffee through the coffee badge which I will figure out how to pin to the homepage soon.

I’m also in the process of creating a Patreon site to help fund the site also which in the long term could be a blessing. Patreon patrons will get bonuses such as behind the scenes updates and other treats from me depending on their level of support. I will announce it here when the site is up and running. 

**Note: Since they have announced the changes I’m not so sure I am going to stick with it but we will see and I’ll keep you posted.
So I think that’s about it for the updates. I have been busy trying to learn all about computers and setting up websites with not much help from my host provider but slowly I’m getting there. I have a few more hurdles in that department and we should be all systems go. Thanks for joining me once again. I look forward to seeing you soon.