Finding inspiration next door. Wicked Wednesday, Neighbors. 

He asked keenly if I’d written anything today  he loved it when I wrote naughty stories. I  told him that I hadn’t come up with any good ideas yet. Even my toy testing session was uninspiring.

When he mentioned that he would give me some oral pleasure I jumped up quickly to grab the vibrator, and some ice. Lying back on the lounge, in the heat of summer I went back to playing with my toy. 

Lost in my own little world momentarily until he reminded me he really wanted to go down on me, that got my attention. I immediately made room for him and put my toy down. Then he did something really surprising and started using the toy on me, he hadn’t done this often before, not without being asked to and it felt amazing. 

I ran the melting ice over my breasts tracing my curves as he got to work.

He kept going down on me while he used the vibrator to stimulate my g-spot, which he did perfectly, amazingly I actually came. It rushed through me by whole body tensed and I went silent for a moment. It was both wonderful and satisfying. 

He couldn’t believe that I was so quiet as I came.I hardly ever cum through sex alone and he has really struggled to get me to cum at all so it was an achievement for both of us.   

Now I was satisfied, it was his turn. He turned me around on the couch and took me from behind, banging me intently for a few minutes before he told me about a new idea he’d thought of. He suggested, that since it was so hot we might like to take it out on the balcony. Being so late it wasn’t likely anyone would see us over the fence so he led me outside into the moonlit night. 

He gently positioned me, leaning me slightly over the rail, I kept bending over it sticking my bum up for him. Standing close behind me, he pushed himself inside then rode me. Hard and fast, I matched his rhythm pushing myself back into him. I was loving it. We were both making a bit of noise moaning and asking for more I wondered if we’d wake someone up but no lights came on, so I figured we were safe. 

We kept fucking passionately. When he came it was intense, at first he stopped himself holding it in, then he finally let go and allowed himself to have a really long, loud orgasm, there on the decking right next to the neighboring houses.

After we stopped I looked clearly straight ahead to their windows, they were overlooking the yard. They would be able to see and here we were standing together holding each other naked and happy. How could I forget they were just  there? I know he didn’t forget either, he is the exhibitionist out of us but sometimes it’s exciting to share his fantasies.

It will be interesting to know if they saw us. The looks we will get from them will give it away. Maybe they didn’t hear and we’ll have to do it again another day.

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  1. I’m sure they saw, and I’m sure they’re smart enough to know if they want to see it again they won’t say it again. And if they do mention it they’re either idiots or wanting a foursome! 🙂

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