My Top 5 or so Favorite Sex Blogs of 2017

Apologies for bringing you my best of 2017 when we are already into 2018. I figured better late than never and what better time to start catching up on unfinished work than now?  I’m going to try and create a blogging schedule I can stick to this year and some of these superstar bloggers have got it down-pat, whatever their method is it’s working for them, their blogs are fantastic, informative and just really well done.

Hopefully you will check out a few from my list they are all brilliant in their own ways.

I would have made a list of 100 but I thought I better limit myself. So here’s to my midweek version of SoSS, my round-up of my fave sex blogs from 2017. I’m so glad I found each and every one of them.

  1. A great site which I really love is Candy Snatch Reviews by a Sex Positive writer who I find to be quite inspirational. Not only is she a fantastic writer she is beautiful, inside and out, smart and talented. She has a natural style which shines through on her site. I was recently convinced to buy some lingerie from Lovehoney because she looked so freaken hot in her review pics. With many accomplishments under her belt in the sex blogging and writing field including being part of the Pleasure Panel you can read her reviews, articles, erotica and more in her blog. 
  2.  Dangerous Lilly’s  blog is informative and invaluable for anyone interested in sex toys particularly sex bloggers. I wish I had paid more attention to her when I first stumbled across her site. I’ve spent a lot of time recently over there looking at her articles on the ingredients found in our sex toys and lubes, there is some really well written and important info over there. She also has advice for new sex bloggers which I can’t get enough of at the moment, so she’s on my top 5 list right now.  I love her snarky attitude and that she has a tonne of knowledge tucked away on her site.
  3. Another blog I have revisited over and over again the last few weeks mainly for the Sex Blogger SEO articles, which are really fantastic. Ace in the hole is a great sex blogger all round, I can actually really relate to some of her writing about being an asexual sex blogger, I don’t identify as being asexual but sometimes feel like I could be close. Her honest and well written articles and reviews are great and I’m glad I found them in time to make it into my list!
  4. Isabelle Lauren has an awesome blog where she posts some great sex toy reviews and writes erotic fiction among other things. I really like her site and have gotten to know her a bit better over Twitter after winning a competition on her site.  I am looking forward to receiving my prize so I can write a review on it. If you want to check her out her twitter handle is @romanticIsa and her official site can be found at  Isabelle Lauren .
  5. (and 6) Cara Sutra and Joellen at The Redhead Bedhead are Sex Blogging superstars and I wanted to include them here for sharing such a wealth of information and  being entertaining and fantastic bloggers when they’re not sharing all their secrets to success. I am always in awe of the brilliance of some people out there when it comes to blogging. Are they just natural talents or did they too learn like I’m trying too?
Top Bloggers of 2017
Top Sex Bloggers pic by / Pixabay

Special Mention

Three of my all time favorite sex bloggers spend a lot of time encouraging other newbies and I love their work.

  • Molly who works tirelessly to bring us the latest sex blogging glory including Sinful Sundays and so much more  at Molly’s Daily Kiss
  • Rebelle  who hosts Wicked Wednesday and runs her own awesome blog Rebelsnotes 
  • and Kayla who hosts Masturbation Mondays from

This post was actually meant to be for last weeks Wicked Wednesday but I think I’ve cut it a bit fine and missed the deadline, you can find other bloggers best of lists at Wicked Wednesday 

I recently wrote about other bloggers who I admire here for my 1st SoSS 

I hope I haven’t been too repetitive, if I have it means I love your work twice as much! So there is my top sex blogs of 2017 from me I hope you can find something you like in this great list of amazing bloggers!