Review: After Dark Intimate Wipes

In exchange for an honest review I was given some After Dark intimate wipes to try out. Here is my review.

After Dark I believe are an Australian business, although I should double check that. The staff are friendly and helpful, you can contact via their website or catch up with them at exhibitions such as Sexpo, as I was meant to last year.

As the name suggests After Dark Intimate Wipes are wipes for those times when you need a quick freshen up down there. If for whatever reason can’t access a shower they can be a godsend, especially during that time of the month or an unplanned or unexpected sexual encounter.

After a quick wipe over you’ll be feeling and smelling much better. There’s nothing worse than worrying if everything is in tip top shape downstairs when things start to heat up. I can recall a few times I wish I had some intimate wipes on hand to make sure I was more prepared when the opportunity presented itself.

By putting them to the test in Summer we can see how effective they are. Testing them in the perfect conditions one may say. 

I’ve tested out After Dark Intimate Wipes using them when needed over about a month.

Let’s check out some of their claims first. 

After Dark Intimate Wipes are

  • For all genders, not just women.
  • Made from 100% bamboo fibre giving the wipes a soft feel
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Alcohol free
  • PH balanced (important for use down there!)
  • Enriched with the moisturizing effects of Vitamin E
  • Contain soothing Aloe Vera
  • Antibacterial
  • Odor removing
  • Not tested on animals


My Thoughts

The wipes are moist but not overly dripping wet, which is good in my opinion they help clean and don’t create a mess. The scent is mild, not at all overpowering, somehow the wipes go to work on your body odor, neutralizing them so you feel and smell fresh as a daisy. Yeah, Daisey’s must be pretty fresh.

After Dark Intimate Wipes are suitable for sensitive skin, like with anything you put on your skin if irritation occurs cease use immediately, it’s unlikely you will experience any irritation being hypoallergenic with added soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

Packs are available with individually wrapped wipes so you can keep some in your bag or pocket even and some at home. They would be perfect for people working maybe even sex workers in a rush to get home or people out on the scene or dating. 

It’s always best to be prepared, things always seem to happen when you least expect them to. Especially those moments when chemistry strikes.

After Dark wipes can be used for cleaning sex toys and accessories. They’re perfect for getting off any dust or lint particles on those toys that just seem to attract everything. You can even use them for the quick midday change of a menstrual cup at work to save from having to leave the cubicle. Check out my review of fun cups for more on menstrual cups.

You can use them for just about anything you might use wipes for even removing your makeup if you happen to have an unplanned overnight stay with your new friend. Or you might just like to freshen up on a hot day so you feel better in yourself. They don’t have to be used only for sexual purposes although sex is a great reason to use them and you won’t really want to waste them on anything else. 

I wondered if the wipes would leave a strong taste if used before oral sex but they worked wonderfully, especially since its the middle of Summer here. I’ve used them a few times and asked my partner if he noticed any smells or tastes and he said I seemed fine and clean. No yucky perfumes or body odor to ruin the moment. And what good moments they were too, thanks for your contribution After Dark.

They felt great too, the wipes are soft which is nice for using it on your genitals and they’re big enough to get a good clean from one wipe, you wouldn’t really need more than a few. They were more effective than I thought they’d be, relying on the wipes actually cleaning you and not just covering up smells with fake perfumes.

Unlike other wipes they didn’t leave any residue on my skin or leave me feeling sticky and gross. After Dark Intimate Wipes felt refreshing and cleansing with a soft moisturizing effect, leaving my skin soft and silky smooth.

The packaging is quite sexy too which is a plus, it doesn’t look like baby wipes which aren’t really compatible with getting in the mood.

I’ll gladly use After Dark Intimate Wipes in future and recommend them to others especially those on the go or who may need to spend hours away from home at work or wherever. They’re so convenient and easy to use for a quick spruce up. It’s amazing the difference a bit of a wipe can do for the way you feel.  It’s much easier to get into it when you feel clean so I think these are a good idea, especially the individually packed wipes.

They felt so great I’d be happy to use them all the time. They’re especially great for the hotter months of Summer when things can get a bit sweaty just going about your day. I was glad to get several chances to try them out with my partner, the wipes didn’t let me down.

I felt clean every time I used them and my partner was happy with them which is a good sign, if they didn’t work he would’ve noticed straight away. Even he was impressed and I was glad to get more oral than normal so they were definitely beneficial for me.

I’d love to try the new oil in After Dark range, maybe I’ll get to review it one day.