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I’ve been meaning to contribute to Masturbation Monday for quite some time. I’m glad to finally be able to join in and share a personal story about something that recently happened. So here it is, enjoy.

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Sound like Mutual Masturbation

I experienced something out of the ordinary the other day. Afterwards I lay there laughing in pleasure and disbelief, my body still tingling. The happiness and satisfaction I felt in those moments, it was truly orgasmic – a moment of pure pleasure.

Many times I’ve listened to my lover’s voice and felt aroused by the sound of it and sometimes turned on by what was being said and hearing his voice moan in pleasure could make me do the same just from hearing it. If I get lucky and can feel the vibration of his voice, I’m in heaven. I didn’t realize the power it could have over me until now.

Usually I don’t cum, not easily anyway. It’s hard to explain so he gets left feeling that his amazing skills are unable to affect me. He gets me so close to orgasm I can’t believe my mind would be so cruel to stop me so far into it. It’s shitty and makes me feel double crap when I see he feels like he somehow failed. So moments like this one are particularly valuable.

So back to my story. This day it was hot, it’s Summer here and he was home from work. We had the fan pointed towards the bed and the blind shut to keep out the hot sun. To set the scene for you more I will explain what was happening.

It was a quiet day and all I could hear was the clicking and whooshing of the fan, the buzzing of my vibrator and the rattling coming from our fridge as it broke down there in the kitchen. Next to me, my boyfriend slept and his breathing felt comforting the occasional snore telling me he was still asleep.

He and I were spending time relaxing with each other before we’d had sex. After the sex we were both lying on the bed, him asleep and satisfied, myself not so much. As usual I hadn’t cum yet, so I was playing with one of my toys just lying there relaxed moving the vibrator around my pussy feeling in an absent minded manner. That is until he woke up. He saw me playing and immediately snapped. He began watching me as he started to play with himself.

Looking on as he played with himself was more enjoyable for me than I expected, he looked hot. Watching his pull up and down firmly holding his hard cock turned me on. The thought of it now turns me on he looks so great when he has his penis in his hand gripping it tightly with confidence and ownership, it looks so erotic and natural. It’s such a masculine vision, he seems so confident and hot in a position that is completely natural for him.

I wish I was watching him wank himself right now as I write about it and remember watching him satisfy himself while fantasizing. He is a sexy man that’s for sure. He keeps wanking at this point he seems to not want to do anything that could interfere with my mission, to make myself cum.

Then he does something new. He closes his eyes and starts to fantasize out loud, saying what he was thinking about. His fantasy included descriptions of what I was doing with or to him and orders to do other things like sucking his cock or “taking it all, like a good girl.” He has a great imagination and the scenarios he comes up with are always horny and much more hot than I can think up alone. At one point there was another male joining in with us.

This day his dirty talk gets me going, some of it’s downright filthy talk and I loved it! if anyone else had ever said the things he says sometimes I’d likely slap them.

But he gets me off in what sometimes seem like the strangest ways. Telling me what a dirty girl I was in his mind and watching him wank off in his imagination got me going increasingly by the moment. Our sexual energy rose so together. I didn’t expect myself to cum, as I usually don’t but as he kept going talking dirtier and dirtier, doing things in his mind I let myself join in on the ride of the fantasy with him.

Imagining myself doing all kinds of naughty things for him so he would praise me for being a good girl for sucking his cock right and taking it all. It sounded like he was enjoying himself and that I was pleasing him right.

He was saying things like, “Yeah that’s right, take it like a good girl,”

“you’re a naughty little girl aren’t you?”

“You love it don’t you?” and

“suck daddy’s cock, put it all in.” or “ooh yeah that’s the spot”

He lay there with his eyes shut imagining us doing all kinds of things, pulling himself off.

After watching him and listening intently for some time I let my head fall back on the pillow and just let myself go, listening to him and playing with myself at the same time. Our rhythms were both increasing as his rose, getting ready to climax. When he cums he doesn’t do it quietly, letting it all out and I love how I can hear his release every time especially when it’s a big one.

His fantasies were good enough that they did the trick for him. He let himself go, releasing the pent up tension letting out the first moan got me. By the time he finished moaning loudly and had cum all on his stomach something happened that I’m still surprised by.

The sound of his voice triggered me and I came too, at the exact time as he did. It felt unbelievable, I couldn’t control myself. I came for about a minute, maybe more. I hope next time I hear him enjoying himself like that I’m able to cum again, it was such an awesome experience. It was so unexpected I started giggling, feeling completely happy and relaxed but also surprised that his talking and the sound of him getting off is one of the things that’s actually made me cum.

That has to be the best mutual masturbation session ever.


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  1. I’m not one for dirty talk but I do love it when someone with a good imagination can weave a sexy picture. Masturbating together while they do it? It sounds amazing!!

  2. Oh, yes….a lover’s voice…their scent…watching the pleasure on their face. We all have those things that really get us going. I agree with the voice. When Mr. D say, “good girl” in my ear, I pretty much cum on the spot. Fun how some of us are so easily voice-manipulated.

    That’s a hot little story. I’ve always been uncomfortable with mutual masturbation. For some reason, I feel silly. But I think most guys find it to be a turn on. Lucky for you, so do you.

    1. Absolutely, I just didn’t realize how much power over me he could have with just his voice!

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