TMI Tuesday no.3

Questions from 30th Jan 2018 on the TMI blog

TMI Tuesday RisquéViews Edition

This week’s TMI is my 3rd I think. Again I have rambled on a bit and shared Too Much Information, but I think that’s the point. Anyway it’s not where we’ve been that matters as much as where we’re going. I hope you are all having a great week. I will see you again soon,


1. I will never again… promise to never do something, because chances are then I’ll be a real fuckhead and end up making a huge mistake by doing it. That not only feels terrible, it looks stupid and can hurt someone as well as breaking their trust. I’ve been there before.
I could say I’ll never end up where I once was but a few bad choices would land me there. I find it more helpful to focus more on what I do need or want to do, not on what I’m trying to avoid. If I put too much thought into what I don’t want to do I give that thing energy and put myself in the position where I’m more likely to do it. As backwards as that may sound to some.

I do things to actively prevent that but sometimes I struggle. If I found myself going down that path I would seek help, probably from a professional and I’d try to get it quickly before I went too far off the track. I have supports in place that help me to try not to repeat those mistakes and they try to help me while I mend the damage done when I was unwell. Last time it took years between relapses and I went downhill fast that’s possibly why I know I can’t say never again, because I’ve been there and it did happen again. All too quickly.

One thing I don’t think I would ever do again is accept violence in a relationship, if any of my relationships turn abusive I have to get out of there. Pronto.

2. I stash _sex toys_ in my closet. Lots of sex toys, vibrators are my favorite. Just before I started this blog I threw out a big bag of toys I wasn’t using. I regret that now. So many photo opportunities and possible reviews down the drain. I keep reminding myself it was a good thing, because most of them were made of crappy materials, some were looking ready to be thrown away so that was my tipping point that pushed me to do it. The guys at the tip would have had an interesting conversation after finding that bag. My collection is growing steadily once again, yay!

3. Are you embarrassed when strangers start talking about their sex life to you? Not really, it depends who they are and how deeply they go into it. If I’m in person I’m more awkward. On the internet or phone I’m fine. If the person was seeking advice I’d most likely give it to them even if I was embarrassed.

I’ve had a few good laughs with people I barely knew talking about sex and I know I’ve told people TMI about my own life, including about sex. So even if I was embarrassed I’d grin and bear it. If I couldn’t go on with the conversation I’d politely excuse myself.

4. Would you date someone who is celibate?

Yes, If I loved that person I would. Just like if my partner couldn’t have sex anymore I’d stay with him. Yet another great reason sex toys are great!

I’ve had similar type friendships where I was basically partners with someone except for the sex part. I’m cool with that. Sometimes they’re not that was where the problems came in if I can recall correctly.

5. What percentage does each of these activities–work, play, household, sex, rest/sleep have in your life? (Must equal 100%)
Sleep or Rest=30%
Household 17%
That was harder than it seems and probably wrong. I might start mapping my days.

Bonus: How do you decompress at the end of each day? How would you like to decompress at the end of each day?

I used to enjoy reading or writing in my journal at the end of the day. Now I usually check my phone to see what’s happening on social media. If I’m not trying to write something I often don’t even post it so I’m wasting time. I’d much rather post what I write then go to bed for cuddles rather than staying up worrying about all the stuff I have to do.

In fact that should be a part of my new challenge I’m setting myself. To spend the evening completing a task, such as posting what I’ve written. Then, most importantly to make sure I go to bed with my boyfriend when I can. I accomplish next to nothing when it’s late anyway.

My first challenge was going to be related to improving my sex life so going to bed by a certain time with my significant other would be a perfect starting point. Not to mention when we do go to bed together I get to unwind in my favorite way and we get to do it together!

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