My 1st ever Share our shit Saturday #SoSS

This week I am going to share with you some blogs that I’ve found to be useful as a newbie sex blogger. There’s some fantastic advice and resources out there for mainstream bloggers which can be just as useful but in the sex blogging community we have some amazing people who specnd a lot of time to make our blogging journeys a little bit easier and more fun. 

Some of the bloggers I am going to share about today run weekly ‘memes,’ which usually come with a prompt for those who’d like to join in. I’m sharing those because I have just this week started to join in with some of the memes. I first saw these on Twitter and when I looked into it I came across an old post from a well known sex blogger Cara Sutra. 

Sex blogging memes and resources for sex bloggers:

Cara Sutra

This link will take you to the introduction I had for sex blogging memes, while some of them no longer run as the post is quite old the information is still valuable and her site is amazing. Find out about sex blogging memes here and check out Cara Sutras site.

Click here to see Cara Sutras post on sex blogging memes

or here to see the main Cara Sutra site.

The Smutlancer

The next site I found had a library of information for new and old sex bloggers alike. I spent ages on The Smutlancer site this week after finding it in my search for information on these sex blogging memes. This site is an awesome resource for all niche sex bloggers, I highly reccomend you check it out.

Click here to see The Smutlancers post on sex blogging memes and building an audience.

And Click here for The Smutlancers homepage for a wealth of sex blogging information.

The Smutlancer site was created and is written by sex blogger and kink author Kayla Lords who not only has her own site but she also runs her own sex blogging meme challenge Masturbation Mondays. She must be a very busy woman indeed and she’s a fantastic writer. I look forward to reading more of jer work.

Mollys Daily Kiss

I couldn’t write about sex blogging memes without mentioning Mollys Daily Kiss, who runs several awesome sex blogging memes, including 

Sinful Sunday

Kink of the Week (another one I joined in with this week. You can find my post here)


And more memes, there’s something for everyone over at Molly’s Daily Kiss.

Rebel Notes

Erotic author Rebel Notes runs another popular sex blogging meme 

Wicked Wednesday where participants are given a theme to write about. I joined in this week and tried my hand at some erotic fiction and I look forward to being involved more in the future. You can read my first submission here

Rebel also runs:

The Menopause Diaries

The Oral Sex Project

And Sexy Searching

She also includes links to memes by others which I encourage you to check out if you’re interested in discovering more sex blogging meme fun.

That’s all from me this week

There is no doubt some I have missed here but this is the start of my journey and these are the blogs I discovered in the last few weeks. If you know of amy other sex blogging memes please contact me or comment below with a link to the site. Check out some of the links, there’s some great work by bloggers on all of them and some of them accept submissions by anyone, not just bloggers. 

Each meme has it’s own rules which usually include linking back to the original meme post so that your readers can see other peoples work, that’s what it’s all about here today, sharing. 

So go forth and explore what else the sex blogging community has to offer by searching for the #SoSS tag on twitter where others have Shared our Shit on Saturdays.

Thanks for reading.